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Matt Jackson 25 November, 2018

When you get your website built and hosted with iSonic there are some great advantages which you may not be taking advantage of which you may have forgotten about or not be aware of. In this blog, we wanted to cover some different aspects of what we offer in addition to website design which includes a mix of both free and paid services.

If you feel you are not getting enough value from your website, or you are ready to take your results to the next level, then perhaps you need to look at some of the below options to give it the kick start it needs to get noticed.

Free Training!

Since iSonic’s inception more than 10 years ago we have given FREE training to all our hosted customer’s since our very first client. At one of our first training sessions with us, this would include how to keep your website up to date with content management, slideshows, using your blog etc. However, we are more than happy to take your training to the next level with a heavier focus on SEO including tricks to better your ranking, understand your competition and some cool tools you can use to get the insight you need for maximum results. Some of these tips can also be found on the iSonic blog, however, we know its nice to get just the bits that apply to your scenario.

If you feel like you could do with a refresher, or would like to go through a few things with one of our friendly staff, then call our office to book in a time with us.

Brainstorming Sessions

Similar to our training we are also more than happy to help you solve your business problems with technology. Whether it is the age-old problem of growing your customer base, we can help with processes you can implement to push you up in search, social media or by other methods. Alternatively, you may be struggling with an internal recurring business processing issue that could be solved with technology. We can again brainstorm solutions with you that will automate this process, or give your staff an interface to improve that process and reduce errors. An example of this may be a CRM platform, internal ordering system, online project management platform, marketing automation, point of sale apps and back-end staff management.

We are always on the lookout for great platforms that help small business, so give us a shout with your issue and we’ll see what’s possible.

Traffic Generation & Conversion

Finally, iSonic also have the in-house knowledge to get more of the right eyes looking at your business. Whether it be Adwords and SEO, Email newsletters, social media marketing or SMS marketing, iSonic have a range of solutions available on hand to help build your traffic to your website, leads and ultimately conversions.

All of these services have varying levels of support from DIY software only, to a retainer-style service which gives the iSonic team a set amount of hours each month that we dedicate to your business success. We achieve this using a range of platforms that we use on our own business to improve its performance. 

If you want a dedicated team to help grow your business then call our office to arrange a time with our director Matt to discuss further.

If you want to catch up with one of our team members about any of these opportunities then contact iSonic for a free discussion – coffee included as always.

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