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Dermcare, a leading provider of high-quality animal skin care products, partnered with iSonic Digital to create a bespoke website design. The innovative site showcases their comprehensive animal skin-care product range and custom learning portals, leading to increased engagement and customer satisfaction.


Dermcare is a leading provider of high-quality skin care products specifically designed for dogs and cats. Their mission is to promote healthy skin in animals for a better quality of life. The company offers a range of medicated and non-medicated shampoos and conditioners, an ear flush solution, an insecticidal spray, and a prescription product for atopic dermatitis in dogs. All of Dermcare’s products are meticulously researched, developed, and manufactured in Australia, distributed nationwide and globally. 

We really captured the essence of Dermcare’s vision and resonated with their target audience, providing a tailored user experience.” 


Dermcare partnered with iSonic Digital to develop a custom-designed website catered to its goals and specific needs.  The bespoke website solution required a robust online platform that showcased its comprehensive range of animal skin care products, while also offering custom information and learning portals for Veterinarians (Vets) and Veterinary Nurses (Vet Nurses) using custom user groups. 

dermcare portfolio custom website design

Our Strategy

The strategy revolved around creating a user-centric and cutting-edge website that seamlessly integrated bespoke learning platforms and visually engaging product showcases.  

To fulfil Dermcare’s needs, custom information and learning portals were designed specifically for Vets and Vet Nurses. These portals were developed with a focus on ease of use, allowing users to access relevant information easily. Custom user groups were implemented to provide personalised content and resources for each group. 

Another crucial aspect of the strategy was to create an engaging product showcase. Each of Dermcare’s products was detailed with comprehensive information to educate and inform the target audience effectively. The design emphasised visual appeal, making it easy for visitors to navigate and explore the product offerings. 


The outcome of iSonic’s custom website design and functionality for Dermcare was a resounding success, delivering a user-friendly WordPress website that offered a personalised experience for all the target user groups while effectively showcasing each product’s unique features in a visually captivating way.  

The custom WordPress website development solution established a strong online presence for Dermcare and contributed significantly to driving business growth within the animal skin-care industry. Incorporating custom-coded platforms and tools for different user groups and the implementation of detailed insights into Dermcare’s comprehensive product range facilitated a seamless and personalised experience, leading to increased engagement and customer satisfaction. The website’s interface and functionality were carefully crafted to be easily navigable, intuitive and responsive, simplifying the process of accessing information and learning materials, and proving to be very instrumental in achieving these remarkable results. 

Brains Behind the Build

iSonic Digital’s collaboration with Dermcare led to exceptional results! With a keen eye for design, the iSonic team transformed their online presence.