SEO Basics That You Need to Know

Matt Jackson 1 January, 2019

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a great marketing technique that organically increases your website’s visibility within Google searches. Getting a higher rank in Google will increase awareness and traffic flow through your site as users are more likely to visit. SEO is essentially structuring your website in a way that search engines recognise. It is easy to understand the basics of SEO as it usually comes down to great content. Take advantage of SEO marketing and increase your business’s credibility and customer flow.

Why your website needs SEO

When it comes to optimising your website, search engines need that boost to rank your site higher on Google. Search engines give a reasonable ranking depending on the quality of your site. Usually, the search engines are able to find sites that are preferred over others.

Marketing your website and business through SEO is a great way to maximise profits and build credibility within your website and it’s customers. Search engine marketing is most successful if the site’s content is commonly shared and linked to other websites. If your business is discussed on other platforms and websites, the search engines will recognise that your site has high-quality content. Creating relevant meta descriptions and tags will help to increase web traffic and click-through rates.

There are some ways to ensure your site gets a high ranking in Google.

  • Provide credible, organic and relevant content
  • Promote your site through other platforms
  • Produce an updated, modern and professionally designed website

How can iSonic help?

Providing quality content can just start with relevant information, use of multimedia and engagement with your business and site. iSonic will provide you with a range of solutions to help with traffic generation and conversion rates. If you need more help with SEO, contact iSonic for a free discussion and we will help to optimise your website to it’s fullest potential.

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