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Hover UAV

Hover UAV partnered with iSonic Digital to create an innovative, high-tech website. The visually powerful custom design positioned Hover UAV as a leading drone expert by implementing interactive elements, stunning product display videos, and unique 3D effects.


Hover UAV is a leading drone expert in Australia, specialising in custom drone solutions for businesses. The team at Hover UAV have experience in working with established organisations that include Wing Aviation and Rio Tinto, providing world-class drone operations. Their mission is to deliver high-quality drone programs that elevate their client’s business operations. 

A cutting edge brand needed a website to suit, and we were excited to pull out all stops for the Hover UAV website.”


Hover UAV partnered with iSonic Digital to create a high-tech website showcasing their expertise in the drone industry. The website needed to be visually powerful, fully responsive, and provide an excellent user experience. The primary objective was to develop a custom-designed website with interactive elements to engage visitors and highlight Hover UAV’s cutting-edge services. 

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Our Strategy

iSonic Digital’s strategy was to craft a visually stunning and interactive website that aligned with Hover UAV’s strategic objectives. The design intention was for every element and section to be purposeful. The website needed to be designed to offer an exceptional user experience, wowing and engaging visitors from the moment they landed on the page. 


Our innovative website design for Hover UAV resulted in a show-stopping website that exceeded expectations. The custom-designed website not only impressed with its visuals but also provided a seamless user experience. Visitors are captivated by the interactive elements, engaging videos, and visually appealing design. We custom-coded movement into the website by including 3D flying effects to enliven the technical drawings, layered background animations, multi-stage parallax on elements on page scroll and other innovative CSS animations.  

The website’s functionality and responsiveness, and purposeful design elements aligned perfectly with Hover UAV’s strategic objectives, driving engagement and customer satisfaction. 

The website’s success contributed significantly to Hover UAV’s online presence and business growth, establishing itself as a go-to resource for drone solutions resulting in driving new business opportunities and elevating its brand reputation. Our team’s dedication landed iSonic a spot in the top 4 finalists out of 160 of Australia’s best in the tech sector for the prestigious Australian Web Awards, showcasing the website’s visual creativity and our team’s hard work and talent.

Brains Behind the Build

iSonic Digital’s collaboration with Hover UAV led to exceptional results! With a keen eye for design, the iSonic team transformed their online presence.