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Excel Concrete

Partnering with Excel Concrete, our production team successfully designed and developed a comprehensive website showcasing their product range, recent projects and custom-coded valuable calculation tools for potential customers to boost their online presence. 


Excel Concrete is a renowned supplier of ready-mix concrete, exposed concretes, and eco-friendly concrete solutions, serving the Brisbane and South East Queensland region. Their commitment lies in providing high-quality concrete products and innovative solutions to meet the diverse needs of their customers. With a focus on excellence and sustainability, Excel Concrete aims to deliver outstanding results for both residential and commercial construction projects. 

Creating a platform that would transform the way that users had their first interaction with Excel Contrete and the lasting impact of this was the most rewarding aspect of this project.” 


Excel Concrete partnered with iSonic Digital to develop a comprehensive informational website that would serve as a one-stop platform for potential customers. Excel Concrete’s primary goal was to demonstrate their expertise and the successful implementation of their concrete solutions in real-world applications.  They were seeking a digital platform that would highlight the variety of their products, showcase their recent commercial and residential projects, illustrate a custom ‘concrete calculator’ function and extensive informational guidelines on becoming a customer.  

Our Strategy

The iSonic Digital team devised a comprehensive strategy to develop a custom website that aligned with Excel Concrete’s objectives.  

The website needed to effectively showcase Excel Concrete’s various product types, including ready-mix concrete, exposed concrete, and eco-friendly solutions. Each product had to be detailed with product-specific information, highlighting its unique features and benefits. The project portfolio was thoughtfully designed to highlight Excel Concrete’s successful projects, building credibility and showcasing their expertise in the industry.

A custom-coded concrete calculator tool also needed to be successfully integrated into the website design. The calculator functionality would support users inputting project shape and size dimensions and allow them to obtain precise concrete quantity estimates. Every aspect of the website needed to meet the client’s objectives while also providing an intuitive and user-friendly interface for users to easily find the desired information.


iSonic Digital’s strategic collaboration with Excel Concrete was a resounding success resulting in a comprehensive website design involving bespoke inclusions showcasing Excel Concrete’s product range, and recent projects in addition to providing valuable tools for potential customers. The user-friendly interface and engaging product displays enhanced the overall user experience, encouraging visitors to explore and interact with the website. Styling and showcasing the concrete calculator proved invaluable, simplifying the process for customers and streamlining communication with the Excel Concrete team. 

Overall, the website contributed significantly to Excel Concrete’s online presence and reinforced its position as a leading supplier of concrete solutions across Southeast Queensland. The partnership with iSonic Digital resulted in a cutting-edge website that met Excel Concrete’s unique requirements and exceeded expectations. 

Brains Behind the Build

iSonic Digital’s collaboration with Excel Concrete led to exceptional results! With a keen eye for design, the iSonic team transformed their online presence.