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WordPress 6 Is Here: Don’t Forget To Update Your Website

Matt Jackson 11 July, 2022

Just like your computer or phone, your website has a number of components that need to be updated regularly to keep the site secure and running smoothly. The latest version of WordPress (WordPress 6) has just been released with almost 1,000 enhancements, security hardening and bug fixes that make the WordPress platform even better.

What is WordPress and why is it important to your website?

In addition to custom coding, your website consists of the following three essential components:

1. WordPress CMS
2. The theme (e.g. YOOtheme, WPBakery, Divi etc)
3. Plugins

A simple way to explain the components might be to compare them to your computer:

👉 WordPress is like the computer itself
👉 The theme is like Windows
👉 Plugins are like software such as Microsoft Office

Hackers love out-of-date sites!

According to a recent report on website hack trends report, 86% of hacked sites are due to outdated WordPress or plugins. Attackers also have a high interest in targeting e-Commerce websites or websites with a large number of plugins that handle various tasks or integrate with other systems like payment platforms. The more systems you have to patch together, the more opportunity there is for hackers.

While building your WordPress website is a one-and-done process, maintaining it on an ongoing basis is a key maintenance task that helps to prevent hacking and ensures your site is running on the latest version of WordPress, the theme and plugins.

So it’s always a good idea to update your version of WordPress, your theme and your plugins as soon as updates become available. That way you’ll not only be in step with technology, but you’ll be sure your site is secure and has the best chance to function error-free.

How to update your website

Updating your website is relatively straightforward once you are familiar with the back-end dashboard of your site. As soon as any updates have been released, you’ll see the update available in your WordPress admin dashboard on the updates page.

💡 But before you proceed, it’s vital that you run a backup of your site before you update WordPress!

To update WordPress, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to WordPress as the administrator.
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  2. In the left sidebar, click Dashboard, and when updates are available, the number of updates is indicated in a red circle:
  3. Click Updates. WordPress displays any updates available for the WordPress core installation, plugins, and themes:
    • To update WordPress, click Update WordPress.
    • To update plugins, select each individual plugin that you want to update, and then click Update Plugins. It’s important to update them one at a time and check the site between each update to ensure there are no compatibility issues.
    • To update themes, select the theme or themes that you want to update, and then click Update Themes.
    • To update WordPress, click Update WordPress.

💥 Please remember to back up your site before you update WordPress.

Make it easy for me …

At iSonic, we manage hundreds of WordPress websites every single day, securing sites and preventing attacks is our forte. Many of our clients chose to join our site security plan for peace of mind and to ensure their website is receiving the best possible maintenance to keep it functioning and secure.

Don’t leave the security of your WordPress site up to chance, please feel free to get in touch with the friendly iSonic team so we can help with your site updates and security.

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