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Why You Should Keep Your Email and Hosting Separate

Matt Jackson 17 February, 2023

Importance of Email for Both Personal and Business Uses

Email is still one of the most successful ways of reaching people, even in the age of social media and instant messaging networks. Even while instant platforms are comparable, email is more direct since, well, it’s email. It’s a universal communication tool regardless of which apps or messaging platforms people prefer based on the current trends, email remains a continuous and reliable way of communicating.

Email is here to stay. The proof is in plain data. There are currently estimated to be 4 billion email users worldwide – almost equivalent to the combined user bases of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and Telegram! What’s more, email user numbers are projected to continue to rise steadily in the future.

Why iSonic Doesn’t Offer Email Hosting (While Some Hosts Do)

Given that email usage is a staple for most businesses and individuals, it’s no wonder some hosting companies provide email hosting packages to tap into this market.

Realistically, who’s better to guarantee that information reaches its receivers promptly and accurately than a web host? After all, email delivery and deliverability are ultimately within a host’s capability – these features use the transmitting domain and IP for verification and validation.

But – there are better options for your email hosting than your web hosting provider. At iSonic we do not offer this service as all our business and server resources are dedicated to ensuring we provide the best-performing managed hosting platform for our clients.

We’re sticking with our strengths to help our clients receive the best services possible! We choose to focus on successfully providing fast and secure web hosting for our clients – just as dedicated email hosting providers focus on successful email delivery and management services.

Why Keeping Email and Hosting Separate is Essential

If you’re looking to set up email hosting, it’s essential you keep it separate from your web hosting. There are a number of technical reasons you should do this, but put simply, it’s better for the security, storage and general functioning of your business.

One of the key issues with combined coverage is resource usage – with website storage and email storage combined you’re likely to churn through your allocated bandwidth and storage. Should this, or any other server issue occur, then both your emails and website will go down together. This is a disastrous scenario for any business which relies on online communication.

Keeping them separate also comes with simplicity – if you wish to change your provider for either service, it’s simple to do so without affecting the other hosting service.

You’re better off overall with independent providers – being tied up with a combined provider, it’s harder to break the chains.

Our Top 2 Great Email Hosting Provider Recommendations

At this point, you’re probably ready to chuck your combined hosting solution out the window. But first, you’ll need to select a suitable email provider. Our two top recommendations for email hosts are Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular free email clients around. As Microsoft has grown, so has its focus on business applications: Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based storage and business applications service. With a Microsoft 365 subscription, you get access to their entire suite of apps which all integrate with your emails. Microsoft is fully cloud-based and emphasises its enterprise-grade security measures which protect your email and file data giving you peace of mind that your data is secure. Microsoft Outlook’s security measures include ransomware and malware detection along with data recovery options which are vital for protecting your business functions.

Interested in migrating to Microsoft 365? Contact the iSonic team today!

Google Workspace

Google’s Gmail email suite is familiar to millions of users along with their Google Workspace suite of apps and tools helping individuals and businesses to carry out day-to-day work functions. Gmail paved the way for many email providers, helping guide how inbox and general email functions should look, operate and be executed. One of Google Workspace and Gmail’s major appeals is that it is completely online and cloud-based ensuring your data is always secure and available, with zero downtime.

Interested in migrating to Google Workspace? Contact the iSonic team today!

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