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Top Website Mistakes That Will Scare Visitors Away

Matt Jackson 24 October, 2023

Creating a high-performing website might seem straightforward, but lurking behind the scenes are mistakes that can quickly transform your online presence into a horror show. Just in time for the spooky season, we’ve compiled a list of our top website blunders that will send your visitors running and what you can do to avoid them.

1. Frighteningly Slow Load Times

A website that takes an eternity to load is a major turnoff. Slow load times can be caused by oversized images, outdated plugins, or inadequate hosting. To prevent this nightmare, optimise your images, keep plugins up-to-date, and consider upgrading your hosting for lightning-fast loading speeds. Quick-loading pages not only enhance user experience but also keep visitors engaged, reducing bounce rates and increasing the likelihood of users taking action.

2. The Eerie Absence of Clear Calls to Action (CTAs)

Clear Calls to Action (CTAs) is a vital component of any website, yet they’re often missing. Whether you want users to submit an enquiry, download a file, or subscribe to a newsletter, be direct and guide them. Ensure your CTAs are prominent, visually appealing, and strategically placed throughout your website. Compelling language and vibrant colors make CTAs stand out, while missing or ineffective CTAs provide an easy exit for users.

3. A Terrifyingly Outdated Design

Your website’s design is the first visual impression users have of your business. A captivating design piques interest, but an outdated one can send visitors fleeing. While your physical storefront might be inviting, ensure your online home is just as appealing. Regularly updating your content keeps users engaged and boosts your visibility on search engines. Visually appealing designs also signal to visitors that your business is current and trustworthy.

4. Mobile Responsive Nightmare

In today’s mobile-driven world, ignoring mobile responsiveness is a grave mistake. With 43% of users relying heavily on mobile devices, your website must cater to this audience. Implement responsive design principles to ensure your website seamlessly adapts to various screen sizes. Thoroughly test your website on different mobile devices to guarantee a user-friendly experience.

Time to Clear Out the Cobwebs

Your website is the digital lifeblood of your business, and its performance in key areas can make or break the experience of your visitors. Take a closer look at how your website fares in these crucial areas. Feel free to reach out if there are any items you’d like to explore further to improve, and we’ll discuss how to best support you.

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