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The Power of Personalisation

Matt Jackson 13 September, 2023

The Power of Personalisation: How to Elevate Your Cyber Weekend Marketing Strategy

Have you ever had a nostalgic flashback of receiving a handwritten letter in your mailbox? Do you remember that warm feeling of receiving something personalised just for you? Nowadays, your mailbox is likely filled with mundane items like utility bills and a note from the post office regarding your undelivered Amazon package.

Much like the delight of receiving a personal handwritten letter, we all crave intentional and authentic communication that builds trust and loyalty, ultimately creating lifelong brand advocates. These emotions are deeply rooted in our human nature, where we long to have a sense of belonging, recognition for our contributions, and validation of our importance.

80% more likely to buy when personalised

In an era marked by automation and technological advancements, personalising the customer experience is paramount for businesses aiming to stand out amidst the competition. Research has shown that when brands offer personalised experiences, 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase. However, with the vast array of marketing options at our disposal, where should we begin?

Before embarking on any new marketing strategy or activity, it’s essential to start by reevaluating your audience. Who are they? Where can they be found? How do they engage with media? These are just a few questions that need answering. Whether your business has been operating for 30 years or 30 days, continuously reassessing your audience and staying attuned to the ever-changing industry landscape is vital to truly grasp their evolving needs.

Why Cyber Weekend provides the perfect opportunity to reevaluate your marketing?

So, when should you start or review your marketing approach to personalisation? The answer is simple: now! With businesses gearing up for another mammoth Cyber Weekend in 2023 (including Black Friday and Cyber Monday), it provides the perfect opportunity to reevaluate your marketing activities and take advantage of the spending frenzy. In 2022, Australians spent a staggering $10.2 billion during the Cyber Weekend sales, making it the country’s largest sales event.

Firstly, begin by defining your audience’s demographics, including location, age, and gender as a minimum. Expand further by segmenting this into various buyer personas that your business interacts with. These personas separate your audience into different types of customer profiles, describing their behaviours, pain points, motivators, and key purchasing decisions.

Leverage data to implement informed and strategic changes to your marketing

Once this foundation is established, review your key marketing channels and observe how your audiences behave and interact throughout the sales journey. Personalisation enables you to continuously engage with your audience by tailoring your messaging and communication, helping buyers receive the information they need to make informed decisions, thus making your brand their preferred choice.

Utilising data for personalisation is paramount, and paying close attention to certain metrics can provide crucial insights. Meaningful information can be captured by assessing behaviours, such as the pages visited on your website, the time spent on the site, and engagement metrics. Analysing this data adds another layer of detail, empowering you to further personalise your marketing efforts.


Personalisation should be integrated into every step of the buyer’s journey

Awareness stage:

Deliver content that directly answers your audience’s questions by understanding their needs and helping to alleviate any challenges that they may encounter. List out these key questions and review your website content to ensure that these topics are covered or that you have a plan to integrate.

Consideration stage:

Provide content that builds trust and talks specifically to previous positive experiences with your business and how you helped solve their problems. This includes case studies and testimonials, taking into account the experiences of all the various types of buyer personas.

Conversion stage:

You’ve done all the hard work to get them to engage with your brand, so it’s time to dial up your personalisation tactics. Implement strategies utilising gained data, pushing recommended content based on your audience’s behaviour and activity. Create targeted remarketing campaigns to encourage purchases following instances where users may have dropped off, like abandoned carts or to simply promote through an enticing offer to get them across the line.

Loyalty stage:

It’s well-documented that keeping a customer is much cheaper than acquiring a new one. So how can we turn our customers into lifelong loyal advocates? Offer timely communications that celebrate personal milestones, including birthdays and client lifetime anniversaries. Develop an email journey map that incorporates the various types of communication required post-sales, commencing with your welcome and onboarding emails. Tailor promotional activity based on previous purchases and history.

71% of Consumers Expect Personalisation from Businesses

Businesses that embrace personalisation have experienced an average revenue increase of 40% more over those that do not. Furthermore, a staggering 71% of consumers now expect personalisation from the businesses they engage with. Therefore, it is crucial to explore areas where personalisation can be implemented or enhanced.

In summary, a marketing strategy that contains personalisation can elevate your business and provide an experience that sets your brand apart. If you need assistance in exploring personalisation further, do not hesitate to reach out. iSonic offers a free consultation that will kickstart the conversation regarding potential opportunities and where iSonic can add the most value.

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