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3 Steps To Protect Your Website From Hackers

Matt Jackson 8 November, 2022

With the recent spate of website attacks and data breaches in Australia, it’s more important than ever to protect your website and email data from hackers. Follow these 3 easy steps to help you stay on top of your website security.

1. Keep your website up-to-date

A recent report on website hack trends found that 86% of hacked sites are due to outdated plugins or themes; hackers find loopholes in your site through outdated software. As WordPress is the most popular website platform globally, it is also the most common target for hackers. It’s not uncommon for a typical WordPress website to have hundreds of hacking attempts every week, so undertaking regular updates is critical.

Simply logging into your website once a month and updating plugins will help to prevent hacking by ensuring your site has the latest versions of software with new security hardening features. While you’re there, look for any ‘red flags’ such as newly installed plugins, creation of new users or the addition of suspicious links on your web pages.

2. Protect your website & emails from spam

The next step in securing your site is installing and configuring Spam Shield software to protect against hack attempts and malware. If you’ve noticed that you’re receiving a large amount of spam from your enquiry forms, you’re not alone! The amount of spam and phishing attacks have increased by 220% since 2020 and is becoming an ever-increasing problem for every site owner.

Whether it’s to protect your emails or your website from spam messages, Spam Shield software can save you time and stress by filtering out fake accounts and spam form submissions. We’ve found that the Akismet Spam Protection plugin is the most reliable CAPTCHA for websites and pretty much eliminates spam completely. Our Spam Shield Service includes a 1-year subscription to Akismet.

3. Migrate your emails to Microsoft 365 Business Email Solutions

The best way to protect your emails and files is to migrate to Microsoft 365 Business email solutions. The Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) cloud platform protects your emails and files with robust security measures while allowing you increased access to your data.

Not only will you receive more disk storage space, but you’ll also be able to access your accounts from multiple devices with ease. Microsoft 365 comes with two-factor authentication, threat detection and anti-malware to secure your email and business data so you can rest assured your data is confidential and protected from hackers.

We can make it easy for you!

At iSonic, we manage hundreds of websites and email accounts every single day; securing sites and emails, creating backups and preventing attacks is our forte. Many of our clients also chose to join our Website Protection Plan for peace of mind and to ensure their website is receiving the best possible maintenance to keep them functioning and secure from cyber-attacks.

Get in touch with the friendly iSonic team today and we can quickly check the current status of your website and emails to ensure that they are fully protected with all the latest security hardening features.

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